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    Welcome to Harvard Summer School

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This student handbook is provided to inform you of the academic policies and rules of conduct that apply to resident and nonresident Summer School students. It also describes resources available at Harvard and opportunities available in the Greater Boston area that will help make your summer a rewarding one. Please read this handbook carefully and refer to it throughout the summer.

The Harvard Summer School is governed by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which approves its curriculum and instructional staff. The academic policies and student regulations of the Summer School are consistent with those in effect during the regular academic year. The Administrative Board for Harvard Summer School decides on exceptions to the stated rules and on matters of discipline arising during the summer session.

The chief administrative officer of the Summer School is the Dean of the Summer School, who is responsible for all aspects of its operation. Matters relating to course enrollment, academic services, and final exams are the responsibilities of the Registrar.

The Office of the Dean of Students serves as the principal source of information about Summer School policies and procedures, directs student residential life and activities, and provides information on resources and activities in Cambridge and Boston.

If you have questions about any of the Summer School rules, policies, or resources that are described in this handbook, please call upon the staff for assistance or advice. On behalf of the Summer School faculty and staff, we wish you a rewarding and challenging summer experience.