Registration Policies and Student Responsibility

All students, including those in Study Abroad programs and those taking online courses, are responsible for knowing and adhering to the rules, policies, and procedures outlined in this handbook and on the Summer School website.

Failure to read this information, negligence, personal factors, or contradictory information from any sources are not acceptable grounds for seeking exemption from these policies and procedures. Students should contact Academic Services if they have questions.

The Summer School Administrative Board reviews cases of students who are alleged to have violated Summer School policies, including those described in this handbook and on the Summer School website. The Administrative Board, in accordance with Summer School policy and after considering the seriousness of a case, may take any action it deems appropriate, including required withdrawal from a course or courses, from on-campus housing, or from the Harvard Summer School. See Student ConductDisciplinary Process, and Administrative Board. See also Student Responsibilities on the Summer School website.