Academic Tutor Program

The Academic Tutor Program (ATP) provides tutoring and academic counseling services to Harvard Summer School students at no cost. ATP tutors are undergraduate and graduate students at Harvard University. They offer one-on-one tutoring and facilitate group study sessions. Tutors assist in the learning process by reviewing subject matter, clarifying concepts, helping students prepare for exams, and sharing their expertise in their field of study. Tutors also work with students in developing critical academic skills such as time management, effective note-taking, and reading comprehension.

Academic Counselors work with students on academic and organizational skills and provide emotional support for personal issues (e.g. test anxiety, homesickness) that may arise during the summer. They provide space for students to reflect on their learning process. Counselors support Secondary School Program students making the transition from high school to college courses, and they help international students become more familiar with the American university system. Counselors also lead weekly academic skills workshops for the high school population on topics such as ‘How to Prepare for Exams’, ‘Overcoming Procrastination’, and ‘Adjusting to a College Classroom’.

The ATP offers tutoring for many Summer School courses. However, students seeking essay writing help or enrolled in expository writing, creative writing, or journalism courses should see The Writing Center.

The Academic Tutor Program Office is located in Thayer Hall. For more information about the ATP and its services, including a calendar of upcoming workshops, visit the ATP website.