Attendance, Participation, and Exclusion from a Course

Attendance and Participation

Harvard Summer School expects credit students and all students in the Pre-College Program to be active and engaged participants. If you are registered in a course for undergraduate or graduate credit you must attend all classes or participate online, take all exams, and complete all coursework on time. If you are enrolled in EXPO S-C,  GMAT S-1, or any course in the Pre-College Program, you are also expected to attend all classes and complete all coursework. Students are prohibited from using recording devices of any kind without the instructor’s explicit approval. If you are enrolled in online courses you also are expected to begin viewing lectures and participating online when classes begin.

The Summer School reserves the right to prohibit or cancel registration by students who do not attend first class meetings or participate online when classes begin. (See Limited Enrollment Courses and Waitlists on the Summer School website.) Late work may be submitted only with instructor approval and according to instructor policies.

Submission of Written Work

Students are responsible for ensuring that required written work is submitted and received on time. It is their responsibility to submit work according to instructors’ requirements and determine that their submission has been delivered successfully, including work that is submitted by postal mail, e-mail, an electronic drop box, or Canvas.

Late work may be submitted only with instructor approval and according to instructor policies.

Exclusion from a Course

A student who is consistently not prepared for class, fails to attend class or participate online, grossly neglects coursework, lacks the necessary level of English proficiency to be successful in the course, or does not have course prerequisites and whose continued enrollment is disruptive to the progress of instruction may, after written warning by the instructor, be excluded from the course. If it is before the withdrawal deadline the student may voluntarily withdraw from the course for a WD or WN grade as an alternative to exclusion, but may no longer attend or participate. A student who is excluded from a course is prohibited from continuing with it in any way, including attending classes, participating online, taking exams, and submitting work. The student is assigned the permanent notation EXD (Excluded from course), which is equivalent to a failing grade and earns no credit for the course. A student who is excluded from a course is not eligible for a tuition refund for that course, or, for Pre-College Program students, a refund of the program fees.

See also Exam Absences for Religious Reasons.

Additional information for Pre-College Program Students

Students need to attend every class in its entirety to receive a passing grade of "Met all requirements" (AR). A student who is unable to take an examination or participate in a course requirement on a day of religious observance for the student may be provided with an opportunity to make up the exam or complete the requirement at another time without penalty.