Harvard University Health Services

Harvard University Health Services (HUHS) is available during the summer session to students who are in need of care for urgent medical and mental health needs. These services are designed to meet acute needs only— supplementary services such as laboratory tests and X-rays are provided only if advised by staff clinicians. Urgent medical and mental health care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Any student experiencing symptoms of a medical emergency (e.g., chest pain, severe shortness of breath) should call 911 immediately.

Urgent Medical and Mental Health Care*

Urgent Care for non-routine, urgent medical or mental health concerns or symptoms is available 24 hours a day. Students who are experiencing severe medical symptoms should call (617) 495-5711 first to obtain advice from a nurse on duty, who may also facilitate scheduling an appointment. Students who require transportation to Urgent Care are advised to call the Harvard University Police Department.

For mental health concerns, students can schedule initial phone assessments for Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS) by calling the Harvard Summer School Mental Health Support Line at 617-998-2447. Whenever possible, students are encouraged to call first to obtain assistance from an on-call psychiatrist. (The CAHMS Cares Line will remain available to Harvard College students enrolled in summer courses.)


The Summer School Program offers insurance coverage through On Call International that can be purchased for urgent/emergent care. We strongly recommend that students purchase this coverage to assist with payment of some services offered at HUHS. Students who do not purchase this coverage are expected to provide their complete insurance information to the Summer School during the enrollment process. Some services at HUHS will be billed to your insurance. Patients are billed and held responsible for services not covered by their health insurance. For more information relating to insurance requirements and coverage, please see Health Insurance Fee on the Summer School website.


It is generally useful for the Summer School to know when a particular student has suffered a serious injury or illness, for such purposes as arranging academic relief or assuring that the student can return safely to residence. For this reason, it is the Summer School’s policy that HUHS will normally inform the Summer School when a student is admitted or discharged from its facilities or other area hospitals. In cases of hospitalization, while HUHS will not share medical or mental health information concerning a student without that student’s consent under ordinary circumstances, HUHS will customarily notify the Dean of Students in the Summer School that the student has been admitted. HUHS will not, without the student’s consent, disclose any other information about the student, such as diagnosis or treatment, but will only inform the Dean of Students of the fact of the student’s admission. This information is intended to alleviate the concerns of the Summer School as to the student’s whereabouts and safety, and to allow communication with parents in the event that the parents have been unable to locate the student.


Students with personal concerns may seek help or advice at any time from their proctors, assistant deans/resident directors, the Dean of Students, or the Directors of the Secondary School or Pre-College Programs. Professional counseling services for urgent mental health concerns are available 24 hours a day by calling the Harvard Summer School Mental Health Support Line at 617-998-2447.