Loan Deferments

Harvard Summer School submits student enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse, which provides electronic deferment processing for students. The Summer School transfers enrollment data of its students to the Clearinghouse after the final course drop deadline for each session (see the calendar for relevant dates). The Clearinghouse electronically supplies verification of enrollment information to participating lending agencies. You do not need to be an admitted degree candidate in order to qualify for loan deferment. See Enrollment Polices for detailed information on full- and part-time enrollment status.

All guarantors and most major student loan lenders and servicers (including servicers for Perkins, private/alternative, and institutional loans), as well as the Department of Education, participate in the Clearinghouse.

If your loan company does not participate in the paperless deferment process, contact your lender and servicer directly to obtain a deferment form. Academic Services will process the form and mail it directly to the loan agency on your behalf. For more information about the National Student Clearinghouse, visit their website.