Accessibility Services

The Summer School is committed to creating an accessible academic and residential community where students with disabilities have equal opportunity to participate in, contribute to, and benefit from its academic and residential programs. The manager of accessibility services works with students, faculty, and staff on an individualized, case-by-case basis to provide appropriate services and reasonable accommodations to ensure the student has a rich and rewarding academic and campus experience.

Accommodations may include extended time for exams, reformatted course materials, peer notetakers, CART reporters, accessible and air-conditioned housing, on-campus van service, and assistive technology.

Services and accommodations are approved in advance and coordinated by the accessibility services office. Students interested in accommodations should contact the accessibility services office by Monday, May 18 for a confidential appointment. To schedule an appointment, students can email or call Accessibility Services. Students must complete a request-for-accommodation form available online and include supporting clinical documentation for the housing or academic accommodations they request. Requests for accommodations and accompanying documentation are needed by Monday, May 18 to ensure enough time to review the request, evaluate the documentation, and coordinate the accommodation. It can take as long as two weeks to process and approve a request for accommodation. Accommodations may not be in place for the start of the summer term for requests received after May 18.

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Grievance Procedures

Grievance procedures exist to investigate and resolve specific allegations of discrimination or harassment. To find out about these procedures or to initiate a complaint, contact Robert Neugeboren, Dean of Students. Grievances related to accessibility services should be directed to the Director of Accessibility Services. For more information, see the Summer School website.